Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today has been very productive, although some may not think so.  This morning while editing I dumped 189 words.  I'm sure there would have been more lost, but I also added words.

Then, this afternoon, after conferring with my beta reader I did some more dumping and adding and ended up with an additional 104 words.

I want to thank both E.M. Tippetts and Cindy Whitney for their help today.  Emily has been helping for quite some time.  Cindy is my beta reader and she has been helping me with POV and voice.  It may seem like an easy thing to catch onto, but it isn't so I am grateful to Cindy's help.

I have edited the first 4 chapters for a second time and they read much more smoother now.  I'm not saying they are perfect, just that they are so much better than when I started the novel.

An English Summer is coming along a lot better than last week.

Thank you for the help ladies!

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