Thursday, May 30, 2013

Life gets in the way

oh boy...

Life has gotten into the way.  I got to do only an hour's worth of editing this morning because I am sewing 10 [yes 10] Little Orphan Annie dresses [ yes Little Orphan Annie dresses].  A friend works with the 8-10 year old girls at church and the Saturday before Fathers' Day the girls are taking their fathers to see Little Orphan Annie play in Draper.

But, I did get some editing done today and with brain storming with two friends I have finally got the hitch I need for my story, An English Summer.  Yes, I know I said it was finished, but that doesn't mean done.  There are at least two times you do the edit and sometimes more, depending on the story.  For me, it looks like maybe 5 or 6 edits.  Oh, I hope not.

Thanks for the help this morning Bici and Emily.  I really do appreciate it.

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