Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review of Betsy Brannon Green's Murder by Design

Betsy Brannon Green has an easy style of writing and tells a great story.  Here heroine is a small town librarian named Kennedy Killingsworth and the story is set in Midway, Georgia.  She is divorced because she caught her husband cheating on her at the drive-in theater.

This book and the rest in the series fits into two categories.  First is romance and second is murder mystery.  Kennedy goes on an adventure trying to figure out who killed the victim and why.  Her ex-husband is a deputy and keeps getting in the way.  She's over him, but he's not over her.

Her ex isn't the only one she has to contend with.  There is also the library customer who complains if she is only one minute late, but she's the town's pest.  And there is also her mother who has been scandalized by her daughter's divorce, never mind the fact he was caught at the drive-in, in the back seat with another woman.

She catches some of the Southern ways in her story, but lacks in others.  This is the second in a series and you can enjoy it without having read the first book.  I did.  She has written another series and other books, but I have not read them.  It was a good read and I would give it four stars.

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