Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Julie Wright Blog Repost

Good morning fellow bloggers and blog readers.  I found the following top ten reasons you should be an author on Julie Wright's blog.  She has given me permission to repost her blog here.  To see her original blog you can go to her website; www.juliewright.com.  There you can find out more about this author and her blog by clicking on the link at the top of her website.

Thank you Julie for allowing me to repost your blog.  My favorites are numbers 1 & 10.  If all I'm doing in a particular day is writing or editing what I've written I'm not getting dressed.  What's the point?  The cat doesn't care.

Top ten reasons you should be an author:
1. It’s one of the few jobs that can be done in your pajamas.
2. When your spouse comes homes and finds you lounging around on the couch with a book in your hand, you can always smile and say, “I’m studying my genre.”
3. No one gives you a second glance when you start talking to yourself, because that’s just what crazy writers do. It’s expected.
4. You can write off vacations from your taxes as research as long as you use the locations in your writing (I think my next character needs to hike Machu Picchu).
5. It’s one of the few jobs (besides being a lawyer or politician) where you get paid to make things up.
6. If you’re in a foul mood you can blame it on your characters misbehaving, or you can blame it on a cruel Goodreads review. No fair jury would convict you.
7. Unlike reality, you have time to come up with smart remarks and clever comebacks so your characters can always sound brilliant even if you don’t.
8. You get to throw around words that make you sound important like, “My editor,” or, “My agent,” when you’re talking to people who were jerks to you in high school.
9. You can count the hours you spend messing around on Facebook as important marketing time.
10. If someone ticks you off you can write them dead in your next book.

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