Sunday, May 27, 2018

Creative Minds Writer's Group of Ponchatoula

Greetings on this fine Sunday morning.

June third will be the 9th annual writing conference, 2018 Berries, Bridges and Books Writers Conference, presented by the Creative Minds Writer's Group of Ponchatoula. It will be held Saturday, June 23rd. This is an all day conference, with a writing contest (if you sign up for the conference before June 1st), a nice catered lunch, and a chance to learn more about writing.

If you are interested in the conference, please click on the link above, explore their website, and then join into the fun. I will be in attendance this year. I hope to see you there.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Southeastern Louisiana University just finished its spring semester. I took English 395: American Literature I. One day in class our teacher gave us the title of an Emily Dickinson poem, it was Because I Could Not Stop for Death. None of us had heard/read the poem before, so she decided we would each use the title/first line of the poem and write our own. We were to write what came to mind.

Dr. Christine Mitchell was our teacher, and I thought hers was very funny, so I am posting it here today. She has given me permission to post the poem. I have written it exactly how she had done it in class. So read below and enjoy.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death
By Dr. Christine Mitchell

Because I could not stop for death
I went along my way,
Picking daisies, wearing hats,
And loving every day.
I strove to spend at least a year
With loved ones near & far,
When Death peeked out his ugly head
I hit him w/my car.
I spent my time in foreign lands
I ate chocolate till I burst
I paid no heed to Death’s commands –
I’ll have my living 1st.