Saturday, March 22, 2014

What you can do while waiting to hear from the publisher

Hello Followers, I hope everyone is having a great Saturday evening.  Mine is going pretty well.

I am still waiting to hear if the publisher wants my book or not.  So I have been doing other things to keep me physically and mentally busy.  Otherwise I may just go crazy.  So you ask, what have I been doing?  I'll tell you.

This past Thursday night I went to my writing league meeting.  It was quite interesting.  Kim spoke about writing for children.  She spoke about infants all the way up to 16-17 year olds.  The publishing industry has a specific cut off for each age range, although your novel could fall in between two of the age limits.  It all depends on your story.  And where you think it should be.

The question was asked if racial slurs should be used.  Her answer was generally "no", but there are some circumstances when they could be used.  Such as in Historical Fiction.  It would almost be expected to be used.  But she warned that using the N word was very tricky.  A lot of publishers won't accept that word, even in a Historical Fiction novel.  One way to get around that would be to have the character start the word and never finish it because someone else stopped him/her or to have some big noise event happen that would cover up the rest of the word.  That way, it would convey to the reader what was intended without actually using such an awful word.

Another question asked on Thursday night, was about the use of curse words.  Should children be using them?  Should adults in the story be using them?  Kim explained that gratuitous cursing is just wrong.  If the scene called for it, it could be used.  But, a lot of publishers frown upon the use of the F-bomb.  I personally do not read books where any character, an adult or child, uses the F-bomb or takes the Lord's name and uses it as a curse word.  I have not finished books because of it.  There is never a reason that anyone should use those in literature.  I know that a lot of people will disagree with me, but this is my blog.

Kim spoke about picture books, chapter books and what worked well and what didn't.  She gave us some tips that she learned the hard way.  She didn't want us to go through the same pain and monetary problems she did.  She also talked about the difference between a vanity press and indie publishing.

I think it was a really productive way for me to spend my evening.  I learned something new, I was able to ask her questions afterwards regarding a story I have floating through my head, and got to see some old friends

Alara Harpell, Author
 My good friend and fellow author, Alara Harpell, could not be there in person, but she was there in spirit.    She is an author you will want to follow.  Click on her name above and it will take you to her blog.  We miss her in our league meetings.  She has moved from Utah to San Diego.  I was able to see my good friend for a little while when she came to visit family.  It was a good February.

There are plenty of other things I do to keep busy so as not to fuss over why I haven't heard from the publisher yet.  I volunteer.  I participate in retail therapy.  I bake. I start writing a new novel or edit what I've already written on the new novel.  I'm planning a garden.  And occasionally I throw children out of my yard on their way home from school.  Their parents should have taught them not to trespass.

If you have ever wanted to write, but didn't know where to start, I'll tell you.  Find a writing league.  I didn't know anyone the first time I went.  I was so scared that they would think I was too stupid or too dumb or that I asked too many questions.  But that didn't happen.  I was welcomed with open arms and I know have some friends.  And just because you've written a book doesn't mean it's ready for publication.  Join a critique group.  If you get into the right one, it will make a world of difference.  If on the other hand you just like to read, follow my blog, follow Alara's blog and enjoy our journey to be published authors.

Thank you for stopping by today.  If you have any questions or just want to say "HI", don't hesitate to leave a comment.  Thanks.


Friday, March 14, 2014

It's a Waiting Game

How I hate waiting to hear from the publisher.  Oh, I know it's a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.    But it is what I am doing.  I submitted my novel, An English Summer, about 6 weeks ago and now waiting for the publisher to decide if they like it or not.  I certainly hope so.  I think it's a great story.

So, while I wait, I read my favorite authors, watch a lot of TV and write on my next story.  One must remain busy.