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Author interview with Josi S. Kilpack

Today is a great day!  Josi S. Kilpack has agreed to do an author’s interview with me.  She is one of my favorite authors and I love her character Sadie Hoffmiller.  Here is some info on Josi and her writing.  If you want a great cozy to read with a little romance, get one of Josi’s books, or several.  I have enjoyed all of the ones I have read.

closesmile11 copy.jpg
Author Josi S. Kilpack
Author Bio:
Josi S. Kilpack hated to read until her mother handed her a copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond when she was 13.  From that day forward, she read everything she could get her hands on and accredits her writing “education” to the many novels she has “studied” since then.  She began writing her first novel in 1998 and never stopped.  Her novel, Sheep’s Clothing won the Whitney Award 2007 for Mystery/Suspense.  Lemon Tart, the first book in the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery series was a finalist in 2009.  Josi currently lives in Willard, Utah with her husband, children and super-cute cat.
Information on the Whitney Award Josi won is: The Whitney Awards is a program meant to recognize great writing by LDS authors. The process starts with reader nominations and you can nominate your favorite titles by going to or sending an e-mail

1.      Tell us what was so special about The Witch of Blackbird Pond that you fell in love with reading?
I’m not sure what it was specifically about that book, instead I think it was a combination of things. I think that because I was a 13 year old girl, reading about a girl close to my age made an impact, I think I had reached a level of maturity where I could relate to her differently, and I think that because I had limited what I read before then to animal books (another story in there) I had very little experience with a book about a person that could feel “like me.” That story was the first time that I felt “caught up” in a book, as though I were there, as though I were a part of it. That feeling changed me forever.
2.      Did this book also make you think that you could write you own book?
No. I did not think about writing a book for many years—never crossed my mind. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties and on bedrest and in the throes of a two-book-a-day habit to ward off a growing depression that I thought “I could do that.” Even then I thought I was writing a short story. But I stayed in bed, and stayed pregnant long enough that the story grew into something I had no idea I could create.
3.      What is your biggest inspiration for your writing?
I would have to say that regular people are my biggest inspiration. It amazes me that if I talk long enough to someone I can see their story come out—their trials, their hardships, their victories are reflected in who they have become. The thrill of creating that same realness in a fictional character is very exciting to me. My stories all start with a character I fall in love with and want to know better.
4.      I absolutely love Sadie Hoffmiller.  What made you, a young woman in good shape, write your heroine to be in her early to mid 50’s and having a little trouble with her weight?
When I started writing about Sadie she was closer to my age, but as I considered the story I wanted her to play a part in I realized that I wanted her to be a mother, but if she had children she was still responsible for, she couldn’t be so diligent in trying to solve a murder. So I made her older. Then I realized a husband would also make it tricky, so I made her a widow. As for her size—I made her the ‘average’ woman in every way. She is not brilliant, she is not a prodigy, she is not model-beautiful, or perfect in her relationships. Like every other average woman out there she’s imperfect. My favorite thing about her is that while she’s not as thin as she wants to be, she has made peace with her body. For every woman I know who worries about keeping herself in good shape, there’s a woman who at her core wants to be a peace with herself.
5.      I read them out of order.  I read book 5 first, Blackberry Crumble.  Did you intend for your books to be read alone, or did it just happen that way?
We tried hard to keep the books as stand-alone as possible. We wanted them to be readable out of order because we realize that not everyone will stumble upon a copy of Lemon Tart on their own. It’s been very tricky and as the series has progressed it’s been harder to do but we still work hard at it. We want to make sure that if you read Tres Leches Cupcakes, for example, you won’t already know the outcome of English Trifle. We want readers to see each new book as its own story. And yet there is a character arc that grows throughout the series too. I tell people that if they haven’t read any of the books, they might as well start with Lemon Tart, but if a particular book (cover) sings to them, they can start there.
6.      I love that you add recipes to your books.  Are these family favorites or are they ones you’ve come up on by yourself?
Some are ones I’ve made for years, but most are provided either through my test kitchen or from friends and family that I ask for permission. Other recipes I go on the hunt for because they will work well in my book but I’m unfamiliar with them. When that happens, I make a few versions of the recipe a few times and figure out my own recipe from that experience.
7.      Why a series related to cooking?
Originally it was just about an amateur sleuth that loved to cook. My publisher suggested I add the recipes which would make it a culinary mystery. I went along with their brilliance and Voila!
8.      What made you write Daisy, a different series?
As much as I love Sadie and have enjoyed writing her, I’m on my 5th year of her dominating my thoughts. With two books coming out a year I spend a whole lot of time with Sadie and her wild ways. Writing Daisy was like recess. I loved writing someone new in a new genre and it helped me enjoy Sadie as well. 
9.      How did you come up with writing with the other three ladies?
Years ago I had had the idea of writing a parallel series about a group of women, each volume being that woman’s story. On a book tour I took with Julie Wright we started discussing the idea and with her help we filled in the holes that existed in the idea. By the end of that trip we had come up with the idea for four books written by four different authors. Annette and Heather were friends of ours and solid writers who we knew we could work together with. After the first set we started working on the second set. It has been a remarkable experience.
10.  Will you start a new series, or will you add more to the Sadie Hoffmiller books?
I am working on book 11 right now and then will start the last volume, which will be book 12. I don’t see me writing more than that because I don’t think I can keep the story fresh for much longer. I try hard to keep each book its own story but that means having to come up with new motives, new methods, new internal and external conflicts. I don’t want the series to get bad before we end it. After book 12 we will be doing a cookbook that includes all the recipes from all the books.
11.  Pumpkin Roll is one of my favorites with its twist.  I won’t give it away, but why that little twist?  Was it to throw off your readers and keep them guessing?
I try to choose a theme for each book that sets it apart from the other stories. Pumpkin Roll was set in Boston at Halloween time, so it made perfect sense to play on the ghost story angle. As the story progressed, however, the ‘twist’ kept niggling at me. It would provide cause for different books and put Sadie in ongoing danger. So I went with it. For the most part I’m glad I did, but it has always painted me into a few corners. It’s the only book with a bit of a ‘to be continued’ feel to it which I have not yet resolved so I have to keep explaining it without giving away the ending. It’s been a challenge.
12.  Are you a member of a writing group or critique group?
I have belonged to my writing group for seven years. They are priceless on many levels and I count them among some of my best friends. Getting ongoing feedback helps keep me on track with the stories I write and helps fuel my flagging motivation at times.
13.  How long does it generally take you to write one of your books?
Before Sadie I was writing a book a year, but with that series we wanted to do two a year in order to keep the series moving quickly. So I learned to write in half the time.
14.  Where can my readers find your books for purchase?
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Deseret Book, Seagull.
15.  Where can my readers fine you on the net?  There are links there for my social networks and blog
Lemon Tart.jpg
16.  Is there anything else you want my readers to know about you and your writing?
Just that I love what I do and am so grateful to have the chance to do it. I have grown in so many ways that tie directly to my writing and though it is not a path without difficulty, it is a great joy of my life. We all have things that I believe were planted in us that will bring us joy while also influencing good in the world. I hope all your readers seek for that seed with them and find ways to nourish and grow it.

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Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire Mystery series

On Thursday, July 25, 2013 I got the opportunity to hear Craig Johnson speak at the Viridian Center; the talk was set up by the King's English Bookshop [] in Salt Lake City.  I was excited by this prospect because I love the Longmire series that plays on A&E.  It is a great series with Robert Taylor, the Australian actor, playing Longmire and Lou Diamond Phillips playing his life long friend Henry Standing Bear.

The evening started with meeting up with a few people from my critique group, Niels and Alara, and then being very lucky to get front row seats.  The first thing was a thirty minute documentary about the TV series.  Robert Taylor's Australian accent is to die for although he does not act with one, since Longmire is a WY sheriff [filmed in NM - go figure].  Either way he has the perfect voice.  He is 6'2" tall and born 1963.

Back to the evening.  After the documentary, Craig Johnson was introduced and he came out and spoke.  He talked about his characters, the actors/actresses who play them, and what kind of reaction he gets in regards to his books/TV show.  He said some people didn't know about the books, only the show.  Until the show started I had never heard of the books myself.  The documentary was excellent.  After he spoke he read from his latest book.  I was shocked.  What he read did not sound like the show I was watching for two seasons.  The two didn't seem to mess together.

After he read he then took questions.  A lot of good questions were asked and answered.  I actually was able to ask a question.  For some reason, Craig Johnson thought it was appropriate to tell some sort of stupid sexual innuendo joke after he answered my question.  I don't get it and I didn't get it.  I don't know if everyone was laughing at me or at the joke.  But when he said that he'd better go on to the next question before everyone gets the joke I just stared at him.  Luckily I don't remember everything he said.  I had already decided I would not be buying any of his books since I didn't like what he read and it didn't correlate to the series.  But after that, I absolutely knew I wouldn't be buying any of his books.  I've taken time out of my busy schedule to come and hear him speak and he decided the best thing to do is to tell an off color joke at my expense.  mmm....I think not.

When we left I decided I wouldn't let the author ruin the TV show.  Robert Taylor is a good actor and he deserves better than this.  At least I don't have to worry about wasting my money on the books, I got to know what they are like without spending my money.  He only read a few pages and there was some unnecessary swearing.  A good story can be told without it.

It is up to you if you decide you want to read the books.  I won't be reading them.  But I will be watching the TV series.  I like the show and the actors.  It's up to you; go read if you want.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Edits and more edits

I am not a writer who thinks I can write the great American novel the first time I sit down and write.  I know that a lot of editing needs to be done.  But editing is much harder than the original writing.  With the original writing, you just get everything down that's in  your brain.  With the editing, you have to go back over what your wrote and then think to yourself, Why did I ever write that?  And of course you won't ever find an answer for that question.

Today, I finished my fourth edit on my novel, An English Summer.  I am now looking for beta readers who can go over and see what have I missed.  Is my grammar good and does my story flow well.  I certainly hope so.

Here is an exert from my novel:

He barked orders as he looked down the river to get a bearing on Magnolia.  “Joseph, get Sarah away from the edge of that river.  I don’t want her going in, even if it is by accident.  (He glared at Aspen.)  Matthew you keep the rest of the ladies away from the water.  I’m going after Magnolia.”  He did not stop to see if anyone had followed his orders, he just ran even with the river’s edge.  He tried to get ahead of Magnolia.
As Brett Hawk raced down the river’s edge he would at times have to move away from the edge due to foliage.  He yelled at Magnolia, “If you can grab onto anything do so.  Try to keep your head above water.  If you do go below the water hold your breath.”
Magnolia’s first thought was, he thinks I’m stupid.  She already knew to do her best to keep her head above the water, but it was difficult.  She also knew how to swim, but she had never swum before while she wore a corset.  And her shoes were heavy which kept her feet low in the water and her head barely above the water level.  Her dress and several petticoats floated up around her and got in her way as she tried to swim towards the edge.

The water did not cooperate any more than her dress and corsets did.  The current took her away from the water’s edge and more out into the river.  She had hoped for the chance to grab onto a root or fallen branch.  Something she could hang onto and keep her head above water, but there wasn’t anything this far out in the water.

Friday, July 19, 2013


So, I made a major change to my story.  It was a suggestion by my critique group.  We met last Monday and it was productive, but they felt like they had been cheated.  Here I set up this great scene of going on a hot air balloon ride and then Lady Daphne said no.

I was told I should add the scene, that it would give some conflict, some emotion, some excitement and maybe even some fright.  So I took their suggestion and ran with it.  I had everyone go up in the balloon, a little scuffle happens and then my heroine is pushed through the door.  She was able to grab onto the door and hang on for dear life.

The only problem is, she hung there for three nights while I tried to get her back into the basket where she was safe.  The balloon had a mind of its own and would not cooperate.  It would fly up, down and sideways, but never long enough in one direction for anything to really happen.

If you want to know how my heroine, Magnolia, survived being shoved out of a hot air balloon ride fifty feet above ground, you'll have to wait until it is published.  Then you can read and find out exactly what happened.

I am about half way through this edit.  Once this edit is finished, I will be able to send it off to a professional for editing.  I can't wait for this to be done.

Thank you for following my blog and my facebook author page.  You can find my facebook author fanpage here:

Once my book is published I am hoping it will go world wide.  That people all over will read it.  People in places like Russia, the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Iceland & Greenland, Poland and the Czech Republic.   It will be interesting to see where my readers come from.  Maybe India and  Greece too.  I write sweet romances so they are good for all ages.

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Why Should you blog?

Why should you blog?  How do you blog?

Those were tonight's questions for our writers' group monthly meeting.  Our guest speaker was Tristi Pinkston.  You can visit her blog at:

First Tristi talked about what a blog is compared to what a website is.  She said a website is  your resume and your blog is an interview.  And I can see where she is coming from.  Your website information is actual fact about yourself and what your blog is for whether it is because you are a writer, or a painter or a photographer.  Your blog is where you put into feelings about things that are important to you.  It gives an insight about yourself to your readers.

Before starting your blog you should google your name.  Is someone else already using that name for a blog or website?  If it is use another name that will help your readers find you when they do a search.

Be careful when posting information about yourself that it isn't so detailed that someone could find you.  You don't want a stalker.  But you do want people returning to your blog all of the time.

Don't forget, once you've put up your blog, make sure you let people know.  Post it on Facebook and on Twitter.

Tonight's meeting was very good and very helpful even though I had already started my blog.  I appreciate that Tristi took time out of her busy schedule to prepare the topic for us.  It was a great presentation.  Please visit her blog.  Thank you for reading mine.

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Free Electronic copy of one of E.M Tippetts books

Enter for a chance to receive a free copy of one of E.M. Tippetts books.  Once the drawing is over, I will let you know the title of the books, and you get to choose which one you want.

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Author interview with RJ Craddock

R.J. Craddock, Author
Author Bio
R.J. Craddock was born Ruth J. Harris July 7th, 1983 in Oaka Taumuning, Guam. Ruth is a naturalborn writer and artist. However, she was diagnosed with Dyslexia in grade school. Determined not to let this keep her from her goals, Ruth persevered to overcome her learning disability. It was her
10th grade English Teacher who encouraged her to become a writer. She studied Animation and Media Arts at The Art Institute of Phoenix. She served in the community of The Utah Valley Writers for two years. An obsessive-compulsive reader, Ruth has devoured hundreds of Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Fantasy novels. From her never-ending well of ideas, she has begun dozens of works in progress. Her most recent concept, “The Children of Cain” series, has inspired Ruth to aggressively pursue a career as a published author. May 1st, 2013 her debut novel “The Forsaken” was released in print. Finally, Ruth’s characters can leave the corners of her imagination and live
out their lives through the magic of the printed word. She is dedicating “The Forsaken” to her English Teacher, Mr. Garlan Fitzgerald, and her husband, Jonny Craddock. Her teacher for being the first to truly believe in her gift and her husband for pushing her to strive for greatness in all that she does. Also, she is donating ten percent of all royalties earned from “The Forsaken” to help other Dyslexic children conquer their disability and achieve their goals.


“The Forsaken”
Sometimes the lost should never be found!
If you have no soul, do your sins count against you? Would you still do the right thing, if you were damned either way? If you have no home, no family and no identity, where do you turn to? What if you possess a talent to control the world with your voice and no one else can? What do you do if a mysterious stranger no one else can see keeps taunting you to use your power for evil? 
Debut novelist R.J. Craddock poses these questions and takes you on a journey in search of the answers in her dark tale “The Forsaken” (366 pgs., tpb, $16.99), book one of six in “The Children of Cain” series. Transcendent Books is pleased to announce the release of "The Forsaken" an adult urban fantasy with a gothic undertone and a hint of mystery. Craddock weaves a beautifully poetic tale with realistic characters, and rich descriptions that invokes an emotional response in the reader. Set in modern times the story is about a young Witch named Gwenevere in search of her forgotten past. Her mother is dead, her home is destroyed. Gwenevere flees from disaster and stumbles into the human world. Unable to speak their language, but capable of reading their thoughts, Gwen acclimates quickly. However, her native tongue is magical giving her the power to control the elements. Misunderstood, orphaned Gwen runs off in search of her own kind, until her dark gifts bring to light horrible truths, forcing her to make a fatal decision. There is no going back from murder.

Thank you for stopping by today and answering questions for my readers.  I appreciate your time today.

         Was your father in the military, is that why you were born in Guam? He was but not at that time. Believe it or not he moved the family to Guam to teach art.
         Have you lived in other foreign countries? If yes, which ones? No, I haven't. Since Guam is a US Territoy, technically I've never been anywhere out of the good old US of A.
         Since your story is fantasy, have you used the tales and superstitions of Guam or other countries as an inspiration for your stories? Not in this particular tale, no. I do have another project that borrows from different folklore all over the world. The inspiration for this series came in part from my religious beliefs and a random daydream.
         How many books do you read in a year/month? Before I had kids I read between 5 - 10 books a month. Now that I'm a stay at home mom and a writer (two full time jobs) I read maybe three books a month. :(
         Do you have a favorite author? Just one, no. I've got a list a mile wide. As far as Fantasy goes my favorites are Robert Jordan, Anne Bishop, and Brandon Sanderson. However, my writing is heavily influenced by classical novelists like Dickens, the Bronte Sisters, and Jane Austen.
         How excited were you when you found out your book was going to be published? I don't think I can describe my feelings in words (funny thing for a writer to say). I've known since I was a child that this was what I was meant to do. I've been writing novels since I was eleven; sadly this is the first one I finished. Finishing a book was amazing; getting it published just doubled my joy and sense of accomplishment.
         It is always good to have a teacher who encourages us.  Have you ever thought to be a teacher and pass on to others what Mr. Fitzgerald passed on to you? I think being a teacher requires a lot of patience. I'm not sure I'd be a good candidate. Although I will be forever grateful to that dear English Teacher for giving me the boost I needed to get where I am today.
         Since you studied animation and media arts in school, do you create your own covers? Yes, I do. I've always been a very visual person, so I've been sketching mock covers for this book for a long time. However, when it came time to make the cover for real, it was still hard to pick one concept. I designed sixteen different covers before I settled on this one.
         Your major character in The Forsaken is Gwenevere, will your next main character be male or will Gwenevere continue in the next book? The series follows Gwen through her life and her journey to discover who she really is. However, Gwen is telelapathic so we do get glimpses into other characters thoughts and feelings. And every book introduces new characters, delving a little deeper into the Fantasy world.
           Do you think you would ever want your story turned into a movie, either for the big screen or for television? Yes. Actually, I've always wanted to be a filmmaker as well. My father has worked in Hollywood since I was seven as a setbuilder. Growing up my Dad always encouraged us to follow in his footsteps, and maybe someday have our own family production studio. Now I'm married to an actor and filmmaker and together we write screenplays. Ultimately, I'd like to adapt my novels into screenplays myself, and maybe direct them. But if I can't direct, then I would love to be a consultant on the film at the very least.
         Who would you want to play Gwenevere?  Why? That's hard to answer; she grows up a lot during the series. If Suri Cruise was an actress I would cast her for young Gwen because she has the look exactly. As far as grown up Gwen I like Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, or new comer Julia Voth.
          Is there anything else you want my readers to know about your writing? I'm not the typical Fantasy novelist. I draw heavily from my own life, my trials, my triumpants, my personality, and so many of my stories are always intense, emotional, and realistic. I write like a classical novelist, so imagine if Charles Dickens wrote Fantasy, that's what my books are like.
"The Forsaken" is available now at
Transcendent Books
ISBN-13: 978-0615806488
ISBN-10: 0615806481
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Urban Life
To place orders for the book, contact:
Transcendent Books 
1412 s 600 e
Springville, UT 84663
Phone: (801) 687-3546
To arrange a book signing or interview, contact R.J. Craddock at

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Anna Del C. Dye author interview

Book Blurb:

Friendship should be forever…
Once upon a time the elfs’ lives were quiet and peaceful. Then mankind and their enemies happened.
The giant eagles have been the Elfs’ friends for millennia—but has something turned the majestic birds against them now?
They say that in perilous times you discover who your true friends are. When a mad wizard wreaks havoc, can the elfs alone obtain victory against him? Save the eagle race? And the mankind caravan? 
See what awaits you in Shahira & the Flying Elfs, the new epic fantasy novel by Anna del C. Dye. Written in the genre of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works and the Shanara series, this story is full of action, romance, and secrets. It will keep you turning the pages.

Author Bio:
Anna was born in the extreme South along some famous beaches. She is the third child and twins with her sister Elena. She grew up with four other siblings being placed in the middle. The green-eyed, brown-haired author found a mother in her husband’s mother and loves her dearly. She accredits her mother-in-law with teaching her many things in life.
The author loves reading, but had few opportunities to do so while growing up. Once married she was introduced to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books that she admits to having collected. Some years ago she was introduced to Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring’s and to J. K. Rowling’s writings, which she loves.
Some of Anna’s writing recognitions: She received the Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry and had her article entitled A New American Mother published by Desert Saints Magazine. Her short story entitled Amerine—Fairy Princess won an award in the Oquirrh chapter contest and was published by Kalkion Magazine. Other articles about family and relationship have been published frequently in the MOMS CLUBĂ’ of Salt Lake Valley-West. Now her new book Shahira & the Flying Elfs won Honor for the first chapter's contest in Oquirrh writers.

Book Giveaway Jun 29 to July 16
You have a chance to win a PDF form of the Young Adult Novel, Shahira & the Flying Elfs. The author will be giving one E-book to every blog that participates in the blog tour. So leave a comment if you want to be entered.

Thank you for agreeing to be my victim…mmm…guest today on my blog.  I know the life of an author is very busy and when that author is the mother to four children she is even busier.
1.     How wonderful was it to grow up as a twin?
We did everything together. Elena was the leader and I followed. We got in many innocent troubles together. One time she cut the beautiful hair off her doll and told me it was my doll when it didn’t grow back again. I was so mad because I love my doll even with her plastic hair. So I cut off her doll’s hair… I thought…
2.     Do you get any inspiration or stories from things you and your twin did as children?
Not really. I grew up in a household where children were seen but not heard. Reading was considered a waste of time, and so was being idle. Having friends outside the family a no, no and that didn’t let our imaginations run. The truth is that my mom died when we were six-years-old and I try to forget my childhood.
3.     What was your favorite prank you and Elena liked to play on others?
Not many. We are not identical twins and are quite different from each other in many ways. She is darker skinned than I am and always more mischievous and outgoing. I was just a scared little girl wanting to be love.
4.     I too like the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.  Have you read the original editions from the 1930’s or have you read the updated ones from the 1940’s and later?
My books said “Collect the Originals” so I guess mine are the update ones.
5.     Which is your favorite Nancy Drew story and why?
I love all of them the same. I never thought of choosing one as a favorite. These books are what taught me English to begin with. They have tidbits of everything under the sun and make me feel so intelligent after I read them. I was so proud when I could read the book in two days. It took me a week when I started. Now look at me…
6.     Is your story Shahira & the Flying Elfs geared more towards children, youth or adults?
My elfs series is for pre-teens and young adults, though many of my readers are adults.
7.     Where did you get your inspiration to write about flying elfs?
The last movie of Lord of the Rings has Gandolf flying on giant eagles. I wanted to know more about them. They are such quiet specie and I wonder under what circumstances would they would let anyone fly them, after all they are majestic, proud birds. That is how Shahira & the Flying Elfs came to me.
8.     I know of no legend where elfs fly, do you?  If so, where is the legend from?
Legends no, but the only book I read of the Shanara Series has flying elfs. I don’t remember what they fly, but I recall that they were ugly elfs. I can’t imagine ugly elfs… to me they will always be the most beautiful race. Now, they are beautiful because of their disposition more than physically.   
9.     Will you continue with this series of flying elfs, or will you write about something else?
This is book six in my elf series and Shahira is the only book with flying elfs. The last book in this series has gnomes, elfs, and a mysterious warrior… no giant eagles.
10.  When will your next book come out/did come out?
Shahira and the Flying Elfs is already at mayor book distributers. The last book in this series, with the working title of “The Roilden Stones of Elf Mountain” will come out at the beginning of 2014, marking the end of the elf series.
11.  Where can my readers purchase your books?
You can find all my books at:
My website: 
Barns & Noble:  

12.  Is there anything else you want my readers to know about your books?
My books are easy to read and clean. Here is a teaser:
Flying takes you to new heights, but still you don't see if you try not.

Shahira is a she-eagle and lives with her father, mother, and baby brother. Her dream is to find a stripling young eagle for her mate. But mating is a ritual that happens in the sky and she cannot fly. She keeps telling herself that soon she will be able to, but every time she tries she falls.

The character causing all the problems in this tale is Artoris. He is almost a wizard and suffers from schizophrenia. He hears and sees people talking to him all the time. This makes him very dangerous, especially as he thinks his brother, the head of the Wizarding School, is against him. A crazy wizard, on his own, pursued by his personal demons, makes for interesting suspense.

Let’s not forget Llorradinn. He is the Elf who finds love in Shahira’s nest and who is willing to do anything for her. As a true Elf, he would sacrifice his life for Shahira if it would save her.

Thank you Brenda for this interview many happy readings to you.

You're welcome.  Come back anytime.

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