Friday, July 19, 2013


So, I made a major change to my story.  It was a suggestion by my critique group.  We met last Monday and it was productive, but they felt like they had been cheated.  Here I set up this great scene of going on a hot air balloon ride and then Lady Daphne said no.

I was told I should add the scene, that it would give some conflict, some emotion, some excitement and maybe even some fright.  So I took their suggestion and ran with it.  I had everyone go up in the balloon, a little scuffle happens and then my heroine is pushed through the door.  She was able to grab onto the door and hang on for dear life.

The only problem is, she hung there for three nights while I tried to get her back into the basket where she was safe.  The balloon had a mind of its own and would not cooperate.  It would fly up, down and sideways, but never long enough in one direction for anything to really happen.

If you want to know how my heroine, Magnolia, survived being shoved out of a hot air balloon ride fifty feet above ground, you'll have to wait until it is published.  Then you can read and find out exactly what happened.

I am about half way through this edit.  Once this edit is finished, I will be able to send it off to a professional for editing.  I can't wait for this to be done.

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Once my book is published I am hoping it will go world wide.  That people all over will read it.  People in places like Russia, the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Iceland & Greenland, Poland and the Czech Republic.   It will be interesting to see where my readers come from.  Maybe India and  Greece too.  I write sweet romances so they are good for all ages.

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