Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Southeastern Louisiana University just finished its spring semester. I took English 395: American Literature I. One day in class our teacher gave us the title of an Emily Dickinson poem, it was Because I Could Not Stop for Death. None of us had heard/read the poem before, so she decided we would each use the title/first line of the poem and write our own. We were to write what came to mind.

Dr. Christine Mitchell was our teacher, and I thought hers was very funny, so I am posting it here today. She has given me permission to post the poem. I have written it exactly how she had done it in class. So read below and enjoy.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death
By Dr. Christine Mitchell

Because I could not stop for death
I went along my way,
Picking daisies, wearing hats,
And loving every day.
I strove to spend at least a year
With loved ones near & far,
When Death peeked out his ugly head
I hit him w/my car.
I spent my time in foreign lands
I ate chocolate till I burst
I paid no heed to Death’s commands –
I’ll have my living 1st.

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