Friday, August 12, 2016

A Year Has Passed Since...

A year has passed since I started back to school, and I know, I haven't done very well in upkeeping my blog. I do apologize.

Monday, August 15, 2016, starts the new fall semester at Southeastern Louisiana University.  It also starts my fourth semester.

Spring 2016 I took English 303 which was English Literature II. This past summer I took Philosophy 313, and this fall I have two classes.  I am taking English 380 Creative Writing: Drama and English 484 Topics in Writing: the Novel.

In English 380 we will be writing a one-act play. Now I am in trouble. I have never written a play, much written a one-act play. oh no... The book we are using is Dialogue by Robert McKee. I told a former co-worker, that for my one-act play, I was going to title it: Laura and Her Red Soled Shoes. She has a pair of Louis Vuitton's with some bling on top. They're cute, but I wouldn't pay over $600 for a pair of shoes. I don't care who the designer is.

I was telling my friend Jeanette about the one-act play, and I was thinking of doing a comedy piece on my neighbor. I don't know. I will have to wait to see what the teacher has us do. oh boy...

In English 484 we will be writing a novel. We will have 3 1/2 months to accomplish this. At the end of the class, if your novel is ready, he will suggest where you can submit it for publication. For this class we have to read Carrie (ick) by Stephen King and his memoir On Writing. I'm not a King fan so this will be a difficult class for me.

Although I am slowing working on a story, I won't be using it for class. Until I think it is ready for publication, I don't want anyone else reading it, but my friend Alara.  She reads and then critiques for me. She's honest without being harsh.

Sine I returned to school in Fall 2015, I have taken three classes - 2 English and 1 Philosophy, and I have earned an A in all three classes.  This is good for my GPA.  I need a good GPA.

I hope to be more active with my blog for the rest of this year.

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