Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Close but So Tired

Hello, I have worked the last several hours cleaning up my novel and adding words, plot lines and just general information that I am now tired.  That's the good part.  The second part is, I have only 5 pages left to edit and I am too tired to do so.  My brain has functioned all it's going to for today.  I may get lucky and have a second wind this evening, but for now I'm finished.  Therefore I am close to finishing my third edit but too tired to do so now.

Today I added 1,364 words for a total of 76,045 words.  I think I may hit the 80,000 mark before this is completely done.  The next step is the beta reader.  Oh boy, I'm getting this to come along.  I just hope a publisher is interested.

A romance novel is not easy to write.  You need to know if your characters are good or bad, or just ordinary.  Then, you need to make your readers want to continue to turn the pages.  That is where the conflict comes in.  Without conflict is there really a great love story?

Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully soon you will be reading my books.

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