Friday, June 28, 2013

My Guest Appearance on Red Pencil Thursday Blog

Good morning everyone!  Or afternoon depending on where you are when you read this.

I am the most recent victim, the Red Pencil Thursday blog.  RPT blog is done by Mia Marlow.  As an author, you send her your first 500 words, she critiques it, and then posts it on her blog.  I sent her the first 500 words of my novel, An English Summer.  She gave some great feedback and I look forward to using it when I edit again.

I have heard that once you finish your novel you should leave it alone for 2-4 weeks.  So I'm taking that advice and working on something else.  When I can go back to it with fresh eyes, I will also be taking Mia's eyes and several beta readers.

So stop by, read, and if you want, leave a message.

Thank you for your time Mia.

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