Thursday, July 26, 2018

I survuived English 352: Modern World Literature

I am so excited to say that I survived taking English 352: Modern World Literature. It was a super tough class, but I earned an A, and I am one class closer to graduating. I'm excited.

This summer's class consisted of us reading from three different anthology: one from Latin America, one from the Caribbean, and one from India. The first two books were translated into English. The book from India, some were translated stories, and others were written in English originally.

The least interesting book was the one from India, and that is the one I was most interested in reading before the class started. But I made it through the class, and I earned my A. Yippee skippee dippee...

Three weeks before fall starts and I can't wait. Class is with my favorite teacher - Dr. Richard Louth.

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