Saturday, May 13, 2017

Spring Semester is over

Relaxation time. Spring semester is over. I took one class this semester and I earned an A.

My class was English 370 which is life writing and autobiography. We wrote two pieces of flash fiction and one short story in class. All stories had to be real - they actually had to take place. Some of them were really boring, so if they really did happen, that is sad. Really really sad.

With that said, I loved the class. It was very informative and interesting. The best part of the class was the behavior of the other students. It has given me so many snippets of behavior that I can use in my fiction. Especially the poor behavior of some of the girls. The rudeness, the "I'm better than everyone else" attitude, and I'm smarter than the teacher attitude. I won't use any names, but one girl, was all of the above. She alone has given me plenty of awful behavior for my fiction writing.

Then there are the ones there who really wanted to learn something, to better their writing, and was willing to admit they didn't know everything.

One guy was so full of himself. He was so pretentious. He used 10-20 letter words to let people know how smart he was. Just rude.

But the semester was well worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am now finished with my creative writing concentration classes. I had 8 to choose from, and I had to do 4 of them. Now it is the classes that everyone is required to take. It will be a nice summer break from taking English classes.

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  1. with everything:
    over. kaput. c'est finit.
    But yet, not withe Trinity.
    Almighty God lives eternally.

    Jussa lil ditty bout how
    to enter Seventh-Heaven:

    Do you...
    1) love Almighty God?
    2) love your neighbor?
    Cya Upstairs soon ♥️