Friday, November 29, 2013

4 star review for Murder by the Way by Betsy Brannon Green

This is a really good read.  I enjoy the Kennedy Killingsworth series, but I do have a little trouble with Kennedy.  I don't like weak women, unless that is their character for the story.  And that is not Kennedy.

When her ex-husband's new wife tells her to leave her husband alone, I think Kennedy should have spoken up instead of staying silent and making it look like she was loose.  I don't like that.  Kennedy should have stood up for yourself, but she didn't. Annoying...

The story is well written, but I don't like the way it was wrapped up.  I don't like who turned out to be the bad guy[s] and why.  It's like she couldn't figure what to do with everyone.

I'm glad she married Luke.  Not giving anything way.  It's in the first chapter.  And I can't stand Miss Ida Jean.  Kennedy's momma should have put her in her place a long time ago.  She's obnoxious.

But, the story is worth reading.  I just think you should read from the first book in the series.  I found the second book and read it first.  Then I read this one, which is the third book.  There really isn't any need to read the first book.  Doesn't matter who does what or why.  Usually it doesn't matter if I pick up a book in the middle of the series, but for this series it does.  So start with the first one.  They are worth reading.

You can find Betsy's books here: Betsy Brannon Green's website

I have not read her other series, but I do have another one of her books on CD.  I hope it's as good.

You can find Green's and other great authors' books here: Seagull Book.  So, stop by one of their local stores here in Utah or shop from their website.

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